Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dr. Pepper Love

I am in love with Dr. Pepper. It's the only drink that can actually satisfy my thirst. My Mom has also been drinking it since before I was born. I collect anything Dr. Pepper I can find. I have about a dozen Dr. Pepper lip glosses.

If you come across any Dr. pepper items, send the links my way!

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Fave At The Moment

This is my favorite outfit on Polyvore at the moment.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A wedding for a friend

So recently I have been looking for some items for a friend's wedding. She wants a medieval theme. The trouble is, she hasn't been proposed to yet, and I can't stop thinking about how wonderful it will look and be!

She's even asked me to design her dress. ME!

While I know I am capable of this, I do think I should wait until her big, happy day, i.e. engagement, comes before I know the BIG day, i.e. wedding, is coming, and before I get to work on it.

I did, however, design it on my Paint Shop Pro already. :)

She wants purple, and velvet, and white, and corset ... and, oh, my.

And there it is, the rough draft of the basic idea. Thoughts?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some Thoughts

I was reading some "news" on the welcome page, and I saw this article about Idaho's cheer leading uniforms. I don't see what the big deal is, honestly. I mean, there are more skimpy cheer outfits than those, at least their boobs and butt cheeks weren't popping out. But even then, I'm not bothered. Isn't that the job of a cheerleader, to look sexy and ... cheer? What's next, America? Will we be insisting gymnastics be more covered up as well? Swim teams? I think when going to game, one should expect to see that, and understand these girls are grown. They're not 15 years old!

Speaking of 15 years old, what the hell? Why is this 15 year old looking older (i.e. better) than me? Where can I find a bust line like that for myself? This is 15 year old Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl. I don't personally watch the show, but I loved her dress when I was looking through red carpet photos. Apparently, her pretty, red dress caused some controversy.

And what's with email spammers? I was reading this, and it got me all kind of mad. Can't you scamming jerks just leave people alone? People work very hard for their money, why don't you scamming assholes do the same and stop stealing it from other people? You could be taking a months worth of meals from a child! Maybe the world has just gone so far down, that no one cares for anyone else anymore. I know I do, but I must be a dying breed.